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      "I won't see anything of the kind. I'm ashamed of you."

      "There now!" she said to him, "I knew as it really wur a dream.""You've bin a bad daughter," he said at last, "and you've got no right to call on me. But I've had my plans for Grandturzel this long while."

      "It's from Rose," said Caro timidly.

      "Wot's thatin themselves?"Skipwith bowed.

      "Retire," said Sudbury; "we shall consider the matter."


      "It sarves un right," said Ginner.


      Mr Keeling considered this.


      "It's unaccountable easy to put the blame on me, when it's your hemmed g?ate"She had seen very little of him or of Rose since their[Pg 322] marriage. Rose and she had never been friends, and Reuben she knew was shy of her. He had been angry with her too, because she had not carried her aching heart on her sleeve. Outwardly she had worn no badge of sorrowshe was just as quick, just as combative, just as vivaciously intellectual as she had always been. Though she knew that she had lost him through these very characteristics, with which she had also attracted him, she made no effort to force herself into a different mould. She refused to regret anything, to be ashamed of anything, to change anything. If he came back he should find the same woman as he had left.